10 Writers read excerpts from their latest work for the Writers’ Mastermind Mash-up 2020! Sample a wide variety of new, groundbreaking fiction in a scope of genres from around the world.

Tia Wojciechowski/Bia Bella Baker 00:20
Hecctropssippy 2 – The Will of the Dark Creator (to be released)

Ross Jeffery 07:18
Tome – Amazon

Clennell Anthony 15:50
Fractured (novel, unpublished)

J.A. Cox 22:47
Fulfilling a Vow, Searching for Answers (novel, to be released)

Patty Lesser 29:02
The Devil, Angels, and Demons (novel, to be released)

Sara Cristia HJ 35:46
Witch’s Amulet (short story)

Mollie McClure 42:02
Talking to the Moon (novel, unpublished)

Dan Markowski 50:42
The Last Ride (short story)

Christa Wojciechowski 56:00
Observer Dependent Universe (short story, unpublished)

Joseph Sale 1:02:10
Dark Hilarity – Amazon

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