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Enter to Win a Kindle eReader

Enter to Win a Kindle eReader

4 Years of the Writers' Mastermind! It's been 4 years since I launched the Writers' Mastermind during the cabin fever and panic of the 2020 COVID pandemic. Since then, our collective has written online over 500 hours together. We've been together through the ups and...

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From Fear to Fun: Embracing Enthusiasm in Fiction Writing

From Fear to Fun: Embracing Enthusiasm in Fiction Writing

In our last post, we talked about letting fear pass through us so we can move forward. This week, we learn to harness to enthusiasm. I'm sure I've said this too many times in meetings, videos, blogs, and newsletters—once we stop having fun with writing, our reader...

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#1 Enemy of Writers

#1 Enemy of Writers

We've talked about perfectionism, rejection, and the mysterious phenomenon of self-sabotage when it comes to committing to developing our creative potential. But if we dig down to the core of most issues that keep us stuck, the culprit is fear. Fear is insidious. It...

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Writing Against the Odds

Writing Against the Odds

What are the chances you'll become a successful fiction writer? In our last post, we talked about Turning Rejections into Success and surviving artistic losses by benefiting from what they force us to learn. Today, we will talk about becoming mentally and emotionally...

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