We’ve talked about perfectionism, rejection, and the mysterious phenomenon of self-sabotage when it comes to committing to developing our creative potential.

But if we dig down to the core of most issues that keep us stuck, the culprit is fear.

Fear is insidious. It disguises itself. We will tell ourselves we are many things, but not afraid.

We might resort to drill sergeant tactics to force us to do what we need to do for our writing career. But ignoring or fighting fear costs more energy, and winning is unlikely.

Let us start with this fact—we will never get rid of fear. Don’t wait until you’ve mastered it to do what you’ve always wanted to do. You will wait forever. Feel the fear and move forward anyway.

Another trick is to transform fear into excitement. Do you feel sweaty, anxious, shaky, and unsure of what’s going to happen? Physical feelings of excitement are very close to those of fear. Reframe them and realize this is you taking risks and living your life fully, not hiding away and playing it safe.

Nothing paralyzes the mind like fear. So whenever you feel resistance or procrastination to putting yourself out there as an artist, look for the unconscious fear first. Unpack it, acknowledge it, and calmly move forward.