Code of Conduct – Writers’ Mastermind

The Writers’ Mastermind is a diverse community of writers from all over the world. We welcome a full spectrum of genres and formats in fiction. It is a safe place to share thoughts, ideas, and writing without fear of judgement, bias, or ridicule.

Members of the Writers’ Mastermind must act according to our code on all platforms within the community (social media, FB group, Zoom calls, and other events). We believe writers thrive in a forum of free expression and genuine acceptance and helpfulness. In this spirit, we ask members to only offer constructive, well-thought out feedback. We do not approve of harsh, unfounded criticism. Literature is subjective and its merit will depend upon the reader. We encourage honesty, but if you have nothing helpful to offer, it’s best to remain silent.

Members who do not adhere to the code of our community will be warned for the first offense. Second offense will result in a one-month suspension. A third offense will result in the termination of the member’s subscription and ban/block from the private group and all social media accounts.

Any member who feels they have been ridiculed, harassed, or discriminated against in any way may file a complaint by emailing

Thank you for embracing the creative culture of the Writers’ Mastermind. Happy Writing!