What do you want your life as a writer to look like? Have you ever even thought about this? It’s funny because I never really thought about it at first. I just wanted to get that next submission accepted or get some more sales for my self-published books. I didn’t consider the big picture or the possibility of making a living as a writer. But as I drifted along, I realized that if I didn’t define my desired future, outside forces would shape it for me.

Rarely do we give ourselves a chance to think about extraordinary possibilities. We always play ourselves down and forget to focus on what’s important to us. Worst of all, we often define success by other people’s terms. We have an author planning workshop in the Writers’ Mastermind where we take this foggy goal and give ourselves permission to dream big – like, huge!

So, what would your best-case scenario in the future if your writing became successful?

Think about these things:

  • Is your idea of being a writer isolating yourself in a cabin in the woods, or do you want a more cosmopolitan, cultural life in a big city?
  • Do you love your current home, but fantasize about being able to build a writing shed in the backyard so you can be alone in the quiet?
  • Think about where your future is going to be. Exactly what country? What city? Who will be there – your family, your spouse? Or maybe you’re single and you’ll be surrounded by exciting people. How much income will you need to support this lifestyle? What kind of writing will you be producing? What will you be doing in your downtime, right down to the meals you’re going to enjoy?
  • Do you crave to travel the world? Take your kids on epic vacations?
  • Do you imagine going to an award screening of a movie based on your book, winning a prestigious book award, or collaborating with writers you admire?

The reason why we often falter and struggle is we don’t have a clear idea of what we want or why we’re working so hard to be a success.

You’re a writer—use all five senses. Daydream about what your successful life as an author looks, tastes, feels, and smells like. Make sure you are planning this according to what’s important to you. Don’t default to the typical “I want fancy cars and a mansion” idea. Although, if that is your dream (I wouldn’t mind that either) – then cool! But also be honest about what you value most in life. What will make you fulfilled—not rich and famous, but happy, which I think are two different things.

Transcend your reality. Picture everything in the finest detail. Do not limit or sensor your fantasies and deepest desires.

This vision is going to be used as the endpoint as you draw your map to becoming a successful author. In this blog series, we’re going to reverse engineer from there.

Get a nice cup of tea, a beer, G&T, or a coffee. Sit down, put your favorite music on, and close your eyes. Think, “If I could have anything I want, truly and deeply in my soul, what would it look like? What would it feel like?”

I’m not promising your wishes will magically come true without any effort. But you must have some vision of your destination. At the very least, this exercise keeps the whole business of writing fun.

EXERCISE: Download the free Author Planning Guide or get out a journal. Let your writer’s imagination run loose, and comment/reply about what you discovered.

EXTRA CREDIT: Go further and create a Pinterest board or a collage in Canva with all you dream of achieving, having, and experiencing in the future. Share it on social media and tag us (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok).

May the muses be with you!