Hello, I’m Christa, and I’m tired of being a struggling writer.

It is a miraculous time in the writing world. Today, the dream of becoming an author is possible for everyone.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

I am a self-published author. I work as a digital marketer, but I hope to become a full-time fiction writer one day.

But I feel overwhelmed and lost. I am not selling many books. I’m not moving forward. I feel I haven’t reached my full potential as a writer.

I know I can learn how to do anything with the resources available online—writing, marketing, publishing, querying, etc.—but that’s the problem. There is too much information.

You can choose from countless courses—if you have hundreds of dollars, and if you can commit weeks or months of your life to finish them. There are webinars and downloads and blogs and podcasts and the list goes on and on. Which path to choose?

I’m suffering from information paralysis. This has prevented me from making decisions and taking action when it comes to developing my fiction writing career.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of being a struggling writer. I’m not going to allow anything, especially myself, get in the way of writing anymore. 

THE VISION: Writers’ Mastermind Group

Writers are busy. Most have day jobs and families. Many tend to drift, writing and marketing sporadically, never gaining momentum. In a world inundated with information, they need the essentials, delivered in a timely, organized manner that ensures they are learning something new every month and taking the steps that bring them closer to becoming a successful author.

The Writers’ Mastermind is a platform where fiction writers can find actionable information and resources to take them from story concept to published work.

The Writers’ Mastermind is also a support hub where members can attend critique swap meetings, Zoom pow-wows, and fun events.

Our masterminds provide encouragement and camaraderie to writers all across the world who’ve historically been isolated in their vocation. We don’t have to do it alone anymore.

Novices learn from the seasoned authors. Old schoolers learn from the trailblazers. The Mastermind provides a place where writers can network, collaborate, and make connections to extend their opportunities and reach.

Every other month, we feature an expert in a masterclass focused on writing techniques, marketing, querying, or fostering creativity. This includes a short video series with accompanying workbooks, guides, and materials on the subject for that month.

Each specialist will do a live Q&A with the members on a Zoom.

Members are able to access the classes at their convenience and learn at their own pace. Select mastermind calls are taped and available for replay. The entire bank of classes is available to paying members at all times.

The Writers’ Mastermind also holds a writing contest each year to grow our community while providing aspiring fiction writers a venue to showcase their work.

This membership site is at an extremely reasonable ratestarting at $29 a month, affording writers a huge value for their monthly subscription.



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