Hello writers,

The Writers’ Mastermind has been incubating since our AI workshop in March. All our members are evolving and creating. Exciting new things are on the horizon. In the meantime, I have not shared with our followers some important news!

Last year, I joined the editing staff at Gamut Magazine. I’ve had the honor of working with some of the most talented (and wonderful) people in the dark fiction circle. Being a fiction editor has been a treasured experience and has opened my eyes to the infinite possibilities of fiction writing.

I remember so many unique and amazing submissions during Let’s Get Published’s short story contests! So I know there are writers receiving this newsletter who would be great fits for Gamut.

About Gamut Magazine

Co-founded in 2023 by R.B Wood and Richard Thomas to showcase and celebrate readers, writers, and artists who love dark speculative fiction. We have three guiding principles:

  • Enrapture your senses and ensnare your minds via our magazine and our published works.
  • Support writers through all stages of their careers. With courses crafted to inspire, educate, and elevate.
  • Embrace our foundational principles of equity and diversity and uplift and amplify those readers, writers, and artists who’ve been marginalized in the past.

Gamut Submissions

We accept an eclectic variety of fiction. Get a head start by checking out our first issue (it’s free) to read what we publish.

Please note!

We read blind, meaning we do not want to know whose stories we are reading. PLEASE remove your name from your manuscript, or we will be forced to reject it.

“Gamut is open to dark speculative fiction. We are looking for both new and reprint stories, new and reprint non-fiction, as well as new and reprint poems. Check out the individual guidelines for each category.

For stories, we are looking for fantasy, science fiction, horror, thrillers, neo-noir, new-weird, transgressive fiction, magical realism, and literary fiction that leans into genre.

  • We will pay ten cents a word for original work, and three cents a word for reprints.
  • Poetry is $50 per poem for new work and $25 per poem for reprints.
  • Stories will typically be in the 1,000-5,000 word range, the same for non-fiction. Poetry is pretty open.

We support diversity here at Gamut, across the board, especially those voices that are marginalized.

NOTE: Reprinted work cannot be available anywhere online. Simultaneous submissions are okay, multiple submissions (outside of poetry) are not. But you may submit one entry to each category—so that means one submission each to new and reprint fiction, new and reprint non-fiction, and new and reprint poetry.

Please remove all identifying information from your submissions as we read blind. Thank you for thinking of us, and we look forward to your work.”

One more thing …

Submissions open on the 1st of every month at 12:01 AM Central time. Fiction fills up within hours, so don’t wait till you wake up in the morning to submit a short story. Poetry and non-fiction are slower to fill, so you can sleep on those 🙂

If you miss the window, don’t despair. We will reopen next month.


Submission Guidelines