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The Writers Mastermind Short Story Contest is thrilled to be among the best writing contests listed on Dave Chesson’s Kindlepreneur website.

Add these contest deadlines to your calendar and get your stories ready! This article also provides tips on how to submit and increase your chances of winning.


The Best Writing Contests and How to Apply

By John Carey on Kindlepreneur

You live to write and have numerous short stories to prove it. Best of all, people other than your mother love and praise them! But because your name doesn’t happen to be Danielle Steel, no publisher is currently knocking down your front door to rip manuscripts from your printer before the pages even cool. So what is an aspiring writer to do? Apply to a writing contest, perhaps?

If you were a singer, you could try out for American Idol; if a dancer, you could apply to So You Think You Can Dance. But let’s face it, a television show where you typed at your keyboard is not must-see TV.

Even so, there are numerous (non-televised) writing contests where you can display your skills and improve your writing. Plus, if you win, you might receive some well-deserved critical acclaim—not to mention a cash award and potential future writing contracts.

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to enter a writing contest and increase your chances of placing or even winning
  • Which contests are reputable
  • Which contests are currently accepting submissions

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