You’ve wanted to write all your life.

You have stories to tell.

And you know you have something special that deserves recognition.

You want to find your place in the world of fiction.

But you’re struggling…

How do you get from where you are…

to reaching your full potential as a writer?

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My name is Christa Wojciechowski, and I considered myself a struggling writer.

I wasn’t publishing many stories or selling many books.

I felt overwhelmed and lost, hoping and waiting to “be discovered” by readers or an agent.

Meanwhile, nothing significant was happening.

I knew I hadn’t reached my full potential, but I didn’t know where I was falling short.

I was overwhelmed by information and always short on time, unsure who was really trying to help or who was telling me what I wanted to hear so I would buy their expensive courses.

Then I decided to take an active role in shaping my life as a writer while surrounding myself with other creative minds.

I want you to join me and writers all around the world on this journey.

At the Writers’ Mastermind, we believe it’s possible for any writer to become a successful author with the right tools, accountability, feedback, and support.

It’s time to take your writing seriously.

Not only will you become part of a dynamic community of writers,
you will also have access to all of our masterclasses on topics like:

Your membership includes:


Classes on the craft of writing, marketing, mindset, creativity and more. Learn at your own pace. The entire bank of classes will be available to you at all times.


Accompanying guides ensure you are learning something new every month and taking the steps that bring you closer to becoming a successful author.


Join our monthly featured experts for live Q&As.
Ask questions in the Facebook group and get answers from people who know.


Join us for members only promotional events, member spotlights, interviews, recorded readings, and features in our newsletter.
Member books are also featured on our website.


Join us on Zoom for live mastermind meetings on a new topic each month. Experience the explosive synergy of learning from others and sharing your experiences.



Get your word count in and stay motivated with 60-minute write-ins. We meet several times a week to write together on Zoom and check in on our progress.


Post news, questions, and requests for feedback. Get support from our helpful worldwide community of authors any time, any day.


Our upcoming critique pods are small, intensive genre-specific groups so you can get the feedback that you need to turn your book into a masterpiece.

Meet online with other amazing writers.

Make connections that will change your life.

You’ll never have to struggle on your own again.

“Writing is a solitary business, sat alone tapping into oblivion. The Writer’s Mastermind has given me genuine writing fellowship and community focused on what matters to me: getting my writing out into the world.”
Daniel Soule

Witchopper, Neolithica

“Ever since I joined Writers’ Mastermind, I have felt more like a writer and part of a writing family than I ever have before.  I have gained confidence in my writing, learned who I am and how I want to be as a writer.”
Clennell Anthony

The Circle

“An empowering mastermind group, definitely the best I have ever been a part of. The warmhearted community is genuinely a reason to get excited and I learn as much from my peers as I do from the exceptional courses.”
Joseph Sale

The Black Gate Series, Save Game

“The classes are awesome. They offer  perspective, as well as tips and tricks that many may not have thought of when it comes to not only creating their books, but promoting them. It’s worth much more than what we pay, and that is a total win-win situation.”
Sandra Hould

Future Novelist

“The Writers Mastermind has been the leaping stone in my writing. Each month offers a new theme and focus towards the Writers’ Dream.
I have found my voice, structure, and have gotten immeasurable feedback on my works.”
Charlotta Amato

Short Story Writer

“It’s been a boon for me to work and interact with this diverse range of authors. I’ve received fantastic constructive feedback, friendly motivation and support through the struggles in my writing process, and accountability to keep me focused on critical tasks.
It also doesn’t hurt that I’ve gotten to preview the early seeds of what will be great published works in the future.”
S.M. Fedor

Band-Aid for a Bullet Wound, Better People

What makes the Writers’ Mastermind unique among online writing groups?

No more:

  • tedious webinars that try to sell you something at the end.
  • point systems or popularity contests to get feedback.
  • restriction to genre, age, location, background, experience, gender, traditional, self-published, or unpublished status.

Say yes to:

  • short, actionable classes that fit into any busy schedule. Learn what you need to know and actually apply it.
  • relationships and collaborations that will accelerate your growth as a writer and open new doors for your talent.
  • results—Stop drifting off course. Set goals. Be held accountable. Make your dreams happen!

Take your creative life to the next level.

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Then $29 $19 a month

Special 2022 price. Cancel at any time.


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