writing time (barricade with road closed sign)

No one will respect your writing time if you don’t.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell why we are doing something and even harder to figure out where to draw the line.

For example, someone asks you for a favor during your writing time. You say yes, even though you’ve been neglecting your WIP and are getting increasingly frustrated that it isn’t finished.

Did you agree to do the favor because you really want to and don’t mind putting your work aside … again?

Or did you cave to avoid guilt or disapproval?

These mini-decisions may seem inconsequential, but add each of these occasions up, and you have a lifetime of saying yes to things that take away from your creative possibilities.

You have to ask yourself, is it worth it? Is being the “nice guy” more important than getting out the many worlds inside you?

Think about how you will feel in the future? At the end of your life? Will you have regrets?

Of course, there are some responsibilities we can’t and should not avoid. We have to be workers, parents, friends, spouses, and humans.

But we are at our best and most giving when we are happy and fulfilled, and we are not happy if we are not living the artistic life that excites us.

May the muses be with you,