writer's drift

Do you write in fits and spurts?

Do you only promote your work on occasion?

Does life somehow always get in the way of your writing?

This is Writer’s Drift.

And guess what?

It’s completely in your power to change.

In fact, it’s your responsibility alone.

Life is not going to realize how badly you want to become a successful author and suddenly hand you the time and resources to sit alone in a room and finish all the stories you wish you could write.

And the longer you wait to dominate this problem, the faster time slips by. The more hopeless you will feel as nothing happens for your writing career.

The reason I know is that I’ve been living it.

I write when I “find the time.” I submit or publish whenever I “get around to it.” I sporadically post to my blog, newsletters, and social media.

And I’m increasingly resentful about the fact that I have to put my writing aside for work, family, and all the other interruptions that come with life. Why can’t everyone just leave me alone?

But I’m going to be tough here, because I had to be tough on myself.

This is playing the victim.

This is feigning helplessness.

This is downright self-sabotage.

If you think you have so many things going on that you can’t buckle down and finish your stories, you’re consciously or unconsciously letting yourself off the hook.

When you tell yourself you “never had the time” or energy to commit to becoming a writer, then it won’t be your fault if you fail. Right?

Am I hitting a nerve?

If so, then call yourself on that bullshit today.

If you truly love writing…

If you really feel like you have something to offer the world…

If you want to feel satisfied on your deathbed knowing you gave it your all, then I will tell you what you need to do…


Think about why you are writing. Is your reason big enough to help you push through the everyday distractions and obligations of life?

If not, there’s nothing wrong with writing in your free time for your personal enjoyment.

But if you want to make a name as an author, then you need to have a big reason.

This reason should be bigger than to make money or become famous.

Your readers need to feel that reason. So do agents and publishers. And it needs to have depth so you can write through the lean times as you carve out your place in the literary world.

You also must get clarity around what you want.

What is your vision of being a successful author?

This is different for every writer. Is it to earn your living solely by writing fiction? Or is it more than that? Imagine the details of this life and what it will take to get there. Create a writer manifesto.


Recommit to your writing. Make a vow that starting right now, you are going to do what you need to do to make things happen.

This will require self-discipline, setting boundaries with your family and friends, and making sure you bring your best self to the desk.

No more excuses to anyone, especially yourself, about why you can’t produce all the stories and books that are churning in your brain.

Then declare it.

Take it step further and announce your commitment to your family. Post your vow on social media. Letting others know will mean you’ll be less likely to back out.


Create a solid map that encompasses everything about your successful career as an author. Draw out a detailed plan for writing, editing, submitting, publishing, marketing, and creative nourishment.

I know. This is SO simple, but the main cause of writer’s drift is not having a detailed short-term and long-term plan.

If you don’t plan what you’re supposed to do next, you’ll likely do anything except work on your writing career.

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