Hello, writers! We are proud to announce the shortlist for the Writers Mastermind Short Story Contest. Thank you all for your patience. Congratulations to all those who made it.

NOTE: These are in alphabetical order.

Final results coming soon!

9,066 Soup – CJ Anderson

A Tale of Wym and Raia – Sofia Lee

Away From the World and the Horrific Things That Happen in it – Barb Weitzner

Car Park – Patric Morgan

Christmas Star – Sherry Morris

Eyes of the Heart – Cierra Michelle Pugh

Feathers – Tomas Marcantonio

Gift and a Curse – Brian Bowyer

If No One Speaks – Sam Szanto

In the Dark – Catherine Ogston

Lions in Berlin – Emily Black

Picture Perfect – Cath Barton

Sleepover – Sunshine Barbito

The Elements – Yong Takahashi

The Heppenheim Vegetable Heist – Larry Hartley

The House of Spirits – Iseult Murphy

The Knowable Failures – Samuel Parr

The Model – Zoe Philippon

Through Windows – Leia Ferguson

Toy Soldiers – Dania Revello

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