Writers and self-sabotage

Sometimes I catch an episode of one of those singing or talent shows and am amazed at the performances. As I sit on the couch like a blob, I wonder, what am I doing with my life?

Most of the contestants sacrificed so much for their dream. They gave all their time, energy, and resources to doing what they love. When they get on stage, they risk everything in front of countless people and perform as if it was their only chance on Earth.

It makes me think:

How much have I sacrificed for my dream of becoming an author?

Do I give all the time, energy, and resources I can?

When I write, am I risking all?


Writing is something I do after everything else is done. I’ve been programmed to believe that until it generates income, it’s not a priority.

I spend more money on wining and dining every month than I do on writing classes.

I dedicate more time to distractions than I do to my fiction.

This is the reality. Maybe it’s because I’m protecting myself. If I don’t bet on my writing, I don’t have to worry about failing. I won’t lose anything.

Except my dream.

If you’re not where you want to be in your writing career, think about it. What are you letting stand in your way?

It might be your own self.

Happy Writing!