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Let’s Get Published is community of writers, and we’d love to get a conversation going. That’s why we’ll be posting a Writers Share every now and then to keep a pulse on the writers working their wordly magic all over the world.

Today we want to know about what you’re working on right now.

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1. What have you written?

2. What are you working on right now?

3. What do you plan to do with your current work-in-progress?

4. Where are you feeling good about your path to becoming a successful writer?

5. What are you struggling with?

As for me, I’m in the middle of Richard Thomas’s Contemporary Dark Fiction Class. Since the beginning of September, I have finished 8 short pieces of fiction, two 3,500-word short stories, and 2 essays analyzing books we read for the class. I have crammed more short fiction writing in the last two months than I can believe.

Yes, my brain hurts, but I’ve realized that I can make things happen even when I’m pressed for time and feeling uninspired.

I also feel empowered. I used to wonder why my work is not getting accepted. Rejection letters rarely come with an in-depth report about what’s not working in a manuscript. It’s a writer’s job to know that themselves. This class is teaching me the secret language of good writing (there is a language under the language).

Of course, now I want to take down everything I’ve ever written and rewrite it.

Ah, the writer’s life!