Unlock the Magical Creator Within – A Workshop for Fiction Writers with Joseph Sale

Unlock The Magical Creator Within is a workshop designed to help unleash your full creative potential using a mixture of psychological, spiritual, and most importantly practical techniques.

In this session you will explore the history of the “Muse”, the divine source of inspiration, and the first principles of establishing contact with the Muse; going back to early childhood experiences of beauty and how we can harness this in the now; practical exercises from yogic mudras (hand positions) to breathing techniques that centre the mind and open the channels of creative thought; and much much more.

Unlock The Magical Creator Within is your ticket to writing your best-ever story, one that is not only entertaining but also healing.

Your instructor: Joseph Sale

Joseph Sale is an editor and writing coach who’s published more than 30 books, including the acclaimed novel Dark Hilarity, the epic poem Virtue’s End, as well as ghost-written best-selling autobiographies and non-fiction books. As an editor, his clients have been nominated for the Bram Stoker and Splatterpunk Awards, been finalists in the National Indie Excellence and Eric Hoffer Awards, and even submitted to the Pulitzers.

Now, Joseph Sale is on a quest to manifest the beautiful and divine in the world, and wants to show other creators, editors, and writers how to do just that. This workshop is based on his new release, THE DIVINE: Unlocking the magical creator within.

Workshop Includes:

  • Free Paperback or eBook copy of The Divine: Unlocking the Magical Creator Within (Paperback options depend on Amazon shipping options to participant’s location. Shipping is free.)
  • A seat at the live Zoom Class on Monday, October 3rd, 2022
  • Unlimited access to replay and workshop follow-up notes
  • Access to instructor for private questions

Workshop Outline:

0. First Principle of the Muse 

An overview of what the Muse is and why we need the Muse. 

1. Early Experiences of Beauty 

Why is Beauty important how does it influence us? 

2. Invoking The Muse

Practical exercises to draw down the dew of inspiration. 

3. The Cave of Ideas & Wonder

Journey into the hidden depths of your subconscious and find your cave of ideas and wonder. 

4. The Shadow Self 

Learn how to harness your Shadow Self to produce greater art. 

5. Becoming Magical 

Changing your creative practice will change you.


  • Zoom link will be sent via email on day of event
  • Access to replays will be sent after the event
  • Books will be sent out upon registration. An email will be sent within 24 hours to confirm shipping details. (Shipping is free)

If paperback book cannot be delivered to participant within one week of the class, the eBook format will be sent.


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