Hello, writers! We apologize for the delay in announcing the 2021 Short Story Contest Winners. We had a much larger turnout than we expected, and as all our judges are volunteers, we extended the judging period so we could devote our time and attention to each and every submission.

Thank you all for your patience. The submission we received were incredible.

Congratulations to all those who made this round!

You can look forward to the shortlist within the coming weeks.

9,066 Soup – CJ Anderson

A Greater Love – Anna Henderson

A Stranger’s Gift – Diana Reckart Miles

A Tale of Wym and Raia – Sofia Lee

A Weekly Occurrence – Karly Campbell

At the End of My Rope – Michael O’Keefe

Away From the World and the Horrific Things That Happen in it – Barb Weitzner

Best Laid Plans – J Ingram

Brunhilde and Drimmelin – Mike Jansen

Car Park – Patric Morgan

Christmas Star – Sherry Morris

Doc – Brian Martin-Onraet

Dressed for a Dream – Mark Osborn

Eyes of the Heart – Cierra Michelle Pugh

Feathers – Tomas Marcantonio

From the Diaries of Jessi Ahn Lightstar – John M Wenitong

Gift and a Curse – Brian Bowyer

If No One Speaks – Sam Szanto

In the Dark – Catherine Ogston

It’s About Timing – Alan Bryant

Larsen – Brad Manzo

Lazarus Solutions – Michelle Christophorou

Light of the Fire – Stacy Alderman

Lions in Berlin – Emily Black

Madison and Pulaski – Pat Wilson

Miss A – Kathryn Lauret

One Camelot – Christopher Bowen

Petals (Thorns of the Chosen) – Elijah Haire

Philosophy of Black Holes – Katharina Plattner

Picture Perfect – Cath Barton

Postcard to Prentice – Chris Cottom

Roz the Boz – Barbara Weitzner

Savior Complex – Emily Terrett

Schoolroom Radiator – W. C. Hackett

Sleepover – Sunshine Barbito

Snipe Hunting – Peter Anderson

Starry Rose – Anna Orridge

The Elements – Yong Takahashi

The Good Day That Went Bad – Willow Hewett

The Heppenheim Vegetable Heist – Larry Hartley

The House of Spirits – Iseult Murphy

The Knowable Failures – Samuel Parr

The Living on the Battlefield – Shira Fleishman

The Model – Zoe Philippon

The Resurrectionists – Frank Emerson

The Soldiers and Mistress Gfen’s Garden – Charles Palmer

Through Windows – Leia Ferguson

Touch Color Memory Pain – Mike Cooley

Toy Soldiers – Dania Revello

Utopia Now – Paul Grover