Quick fix for writing withdrawals

Many writers have huge to-do lists along with families, jobs, household duties, and social obligations. Sometimes, life doesn’t allow us to get in our writing time.

We get depressed.

We snap at people.

We are suffering from writing withdrawals.

Our creative horses are chomping at the bit, but we’re stuck doing some mundane task that feels like it’s sucking the life from us.

During these days when it seems like the world has conspired against your creative goals, give yourself a quick fix.

Write a poem.

Don’t overthink it. Freestyle on the page and see what happens.

Poems don’t need to have a beginning, middle, or ending. They can be impressions, abstractions, or silly word play.

I promise you’ll get a tiny jolt of gratification, or at least a bit of relief from writing withdrawals.

How do you feel when you’re kept away from your writing?

Happy Writing!