Every other Monday, we introduce you to a writer from the Writers’ Mastermind. Today we are excited to have Patty Lesser. She has backpacked the world, plays Texas hold ’em, and writes everything from murder mysteries to scifi to dark paranormal fantasy and beyond.

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? Where are you now? What has your life been like?

Four years ago, I moved to Brantford, starting over. I knew no one here or anything. Everything was new, but I made a life for myself along with four volunteer positions and playing in a local poker league. I grew up in Hamilton, Ontario, but when I was 19, I left Canada to backpack around the world for 25 years.

When I came back to Canada, I settled in Toronto before moving back to Hamilton. I moved around a lot before settling here. I love my new life.

2. What kind of stories do you write?

I think of a plot, work it around in my head, thinking of ideas for a story. If it works out, I write it down and start the novel. Then I think about the genre, so I end up writing various genres like mystery, fantasy, sci fi, adventure, thriller, etc.

3. What sets you apart from other writers in your space?

I write from A directly to B. My writing is direct and somewhat simple, and my stories are completely my imagination, so I find it hard to compare my books with other authors.

4. What drives your writing? What do you mean to accomplish with your stories?

I’m a storyteller. I like to tell stories that I want others to read to escape from reality for a while and enjoy someone else’s saga and my imagination.

5. Who are your favourite writers and books? What are your other creative influences?

My favourite authors and their books are: Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, Alexandre Dumas’ Count of Monte Crisco, and Thomas Hardy’s The Mayor of Casterbridge.  When I need inspiration, I go back and read stuff I’ve written.

6. Do you write in silence? Background noise? What kind?

I always write with a movie playing on the TV. It’s always a movie I’ve seen many times, so I don’t have to watch. I can look up from time to time and just listen when I need a break from the writing.

7. What is your favourite thing to do when you are not writing?

I play tournament Texas hold’em no limit poker. I play in a local league, but of course we’ve been closed down because of Covid. I have been playing online for money since 2005.

8. Who is your current celebrity crush?

John de Lancie otherwise known as Q on Star Trek: The Next Generation. He’s an Australian actor.

9. Why do you think it’s important to write fiction?

People have been writing fiction since the beginning of time. The Bible is made up of fictional stories that someone put together in an anthology. Fiction is important to take us away from reality.

10. Who would be the best writer, alive or dead, to tell the story of your life?

Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain. I love the way he wrote his autobiography. He’s a great storyteller.

11. What are you working on right now?

I’m working on a murder mystery that takes place in a community centre. The subplot is all about the importance of volunteering. The interesting thing is I don’t know who the murderer is, but I guess I’ll just find out when the readers do. I volunteered at a community centre for 4 years, and my story mirrors this one. I was also the Volunteer Reporter and I wrote all the volunteers’ profiles, so I’ve got lots to draw from. I want people to read my book and then say, I should volunteer somewhere.

Devouring Time: A Race Against the Clock to Expose Shocking Secrets, Shameless Greed, and Murder 

Marcus Tate doesn’t understand the odd request: leave London to deliver a small, carefully-wrapped box to a family in Canada? But his mentor, mother figure, and friend, Cathy Edwards, insists that Marcus is precisely the right person to deliver the important package that she has held onto for many long years.

Little does Marcus realize that his world is about to be turned upside down. In less than one day, Marcus learns not only the shocking truth about his mother, but also the real reason Cathy forged such a strong bond with him. And despite Marcus’s attempt to make a quick delivery and leave, the eccentric Blackbourne family insists that he stay to learn more about the contents of the mysterious box.

The Blackbournes can’t wait for Lillian, the family matriarch, to peel the brown paper wrapping from the package. To each family member, the package represents the promise of an even richer life. More money. Financial independence. Power. Freedom to travel the world.

But to the family’s surprise, the package is only one small piece of a much larger labyrinth of lies and betrayal, leading to the discovery of family secrets . . . and murder.

Time ticks away as the family attempts to solve the mystery of Lillian’s murder, all while trying to make sense of their past. Through it all, the Blackbournes and Marcus can’t help but wonder if the murderer is still lurking among them.

Join Marcus and the entire Blackbourne family on a whirlwind twenty-four hour adventure, through a world of insatiable greed, family secrets, forbidden love, and murder!


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