Today, we are excited to feature Clennell Anthony, a paranormal romance and fantasy author. She is a founding member of the Writers’ Mastermind and has been the host of our Wednesday and Saturday write-ins.

“Nell” is a visually impaired author who recently appeared on The Writing Cooperative to talk about accessibility awareness.

Today, Writers’ Mastermind founder Christa Wojciechowski reads several vignettes from Nell’s Dark Brilliance collection.

Dark Brilliance books by visually impaired authors

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Dark Brilliance

Dark Brilliance is a book of short stories. Each story has its moment that shines, though there is a darkness that persists, light shines through the flame of somber sadness, tortured occurrences, and hope threads through that lifts the darkness and turns it to brilliance. The stories are grouped by the moment captured by the author. For example, “Endurance” focuses on the life of a home: the wars that were fought around it, the neglect it withstood, and how it waits for someone to come along and rebuild its grandeur. Dark Brilliance contains stories that exhibit moments of love, life, sensuality, power, hope, and fulfillment. Come join in the journey this book of short stories will take you on.

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Author Interview:

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