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Writing, publishing, and selling a novel is challenging for anyone, but what is it like to be a blind writer? Think about composing, spotting errors, using track changes, and formatting.

Moreover, in today’s publishing world, a blind author must figure out how to build an author platform, run a blog, network on social media, manage an email list, and perform other marketing activities.

We talk to two blind writers in the Writers’ Mastermind to discover what it’s like to operate in the modern technological world without sight.

Bia Bella Baker is the author of YA sci-fi fantasy, Hecctrossipy, which she is expanding into a series. Clennell Anthony is the author of Dark Brilliance, and is currently working on her first romantic suspense.

Both authors use a combination of technologies to accomplish daily tasks most sighted people take for granted.

Bia and Clennell tell us what it’s like to be blind writers, which tech has changed their lives the most, and what systems need to be improved.

They also share what each of us can do to create a fuller experience on the web for visually impaired people.

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