For writers, the word “author branding” might feel icky. We tend to think of major corporations trying to sell us stuff we don’t necessarily need. It feels like we are trying to confine ourselves to a neat little marketable package. But we don’t have to sell our souls. Branding for authors means …

taking your you-ness and displaying it in the most authentic and consistent way possible.

So what author branding strategies can you use to communicate to readers who you are and what you write about?

Think of creating your author brand as decorating the storefront of your bookshop.

How will you display your masterpieces?

What do you want to be known for?

How will readers recognize you?

Whether you’re starting from scratch or auditing an existing author platform, think about the mood of your books. How do you want to make your readers feel?

Consider the colors, textures, elements, fonts, and themes on your site and social media profiles.

For example, thriller authors might use bold colors and metallic or stone textures. Romance novelists might use soft colors and floral or lace textures. Scifi or fantasy might use jewel tones and cosmic or cloud textures.

Gather these elements and incorporate them into your website and social media artwork.

Have you actively designed your author branding?

Is your look, feel, and message consistent?

Could it use a makeover?

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