On Monday, I had the the pleasure of being on Boomers on Books with Vince Stevenson, a livestream show that features emerging and established authors. Vince is also known as The Fear Doctor and is a leading trainer and bestselling author on overcoming the fear of public speaking.

This was a most fortunate circumstance for me. Being my first livestream video, I was nervous. But you will see that Vince is a charming and skilled host, and we enjoyed a great conversation. We covered many fascinating topics other than my books—relationship dynamics, addiction and mental illness, self-doubt, and life in Panama. Not your same ol’ author interview!

Click the time stamps below to navigate the conversation…

01:00 About the other writer in Christa’s family—her sister, Bia Bella Baker

02:30 The story of the SICK series

06:10 Evolving through relationships

09:24 The hardest part of writing

11:13 The story of the Writers Mastermind

13:45 How Christa and her husband weathered 8 months of separation during COVID due to airport closures

18:00 Research for SICK and writing from nightmares

22:34 How to get into the head of a madman

28:00 Writing in first person

30:45 When your spouse hates your writing

32:15 Christa’s greatest writing strength

33:35 Christa’s biggest weak spots

35:29 Building confidence through constant learning

37:43 Battling perfectionism and self-doubt

45:30 Dealing with stress

50:30 Vince’s experience in Panama

53:00 Advice to a young author

Boomers on Books

Boomers on Books is a video channel for emerging and established authors. We welcome authors from all continents, ages, genders, colours and creeds. The video interview is live-streamed on YouTube and available on-demand and indefinitely for people’s viewing. The hosts are boomer Vince Stevenson and boomer Mark Shultz (although due to Mark’s wife’s medical issues, Mark has been unavailable to participate).

Vince Stevenson

Vince Stevenson is known as the ‘Fear Doctor’ and describes himself as a ‘recovering speaker’. He works in London and around the world encouraging people to speak their own truth. Vince has worked from Brazil to Bangladesh with top companies and NGOs, assisting their senior executives to become improved communicators. He runs regular classes in London and is a popular choice as a conference speaker. Vince has a devilish sense of humour and he loves talking about his fears, foibles and failures. Vince can be contacted at the College of Public Speaking London.



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