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We at the Writers’ mastermind are celebrating the release of the first in what is sure to be an unforgettable series, Hecctrossipy Book One: The Legend of the Land. This genre-bending YA Fantasy is by Writers’ Mastermind founding member, Bia Bella Baker, and our community will agree that it has been inspiring to watch this culmination of her publication journey. Here’s a bit about this epic tale!


The alignment of the three moons is a sign of positive changes to come… But the moons never promised that such changes will happen to everybody…

On the pre-industrial planet of Velva Leena, two sisters eagerly anticipate the Hecctrossipy Festival, Continent 15’s yearly tradition that celebrates the victory over a legendary evil monster who had the power to manipulate the elements and create chaos.

Artheena is smart, talented, beautiful, and blessed with multiple gifted abilities. Mell May, on the other hand, is simple and average. Both are in love with Leeandro Paul, a celebrity heart-throb who has an intriguing way of turning the leaders of the land into his followers.

Artheena has a premonition of marrying him during the alignment of the three moons. While on her quest for true love, she gets caught up in unexpected adventures, embarrassing situations, and experiences beyond her wildest dreams, including an outrageous contest that challenges Continent 15’s strict, conservative social standards.

Through it all, Artheena and Mell May’s close bond is also challenged. When the festival comes, the sisters have the time of their lives… Until Leeandro Paul makes an announcement that shocks his fans, an unimaginable secret that might tear the two sisters apart for good.

bia bella baker

What readers are saying…

‘Hecctrossipy marks the debut of a bold and distinctive new voice in YA fantasy. The fantastic adventures of Artheena and Mell, and their battle for the affections of the charismatic Leeandro Paul, will thrill fans of The Hunger Games and teen fantasy romance. This is all set within the impressive feat of world-building that is the planet Velva Leena and Continent 15, amid the feverish anticipation of the Hecctrossipy Festival, commemorating victory over a fabled monster who had the power to manipulate the elements and create chaos… I for one certainly look forward to the next instalment!’

Andrew Murray author of Shroom Raider

‘A bountiful feast for the senses, a stunning world building debut from a very promising talent – if you like your science fiction with a huge slice of teenage angst, and a cast of terrifically realised characters… look no further than Hecctrossipy – this is that start to what I can only imagine being a fabulous series!’

Ross Jeffery author of Juniper & Tome


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