I took a few days off from this blog and from working on my WIP to reflect on the past and recover enough strength to continue. It’s funny because I wondered what I would write for this quote about loss and I realize I’ve been swimming in it.

I’m working on a book right now that includes a character who was inspired by someone close to me, one who is no longer breathing. He died a tragic senseless death and I was always angry with him for that.

Now he is back in painful detail. The wound is reopened. Blood seeps out. But by writing about him, I get to be with him again. I create new experiences with him. I can make him live forever in my readers’ minds.

When we write, we are our god selves. We have the power to set the world right. We can heal ourselves and give comfort to others.

We must accept loss forever, but through storytelling, we have a chance to turn it into something beautiful. We can make meaning out of meaninglessness. We can exist beyond death.

Has writing helped you cope with loss?