“The beginning is always today.”

― Mary Shelley

Hello writing family.

How has 2021 started off for you?

I hope that, personally, you are safe and healthy. I know there is an unprecedented amount of turmoil and unease in the world.

We can’t control it, but we can attend to our lives and our loved ones to create our own sweet moments, no matter how dark these times get.

It’s more important to write now than ever. Whether it’s to enlighten, entertain, educate, or just to keep our own sanity.

Fiction is not just for fun. It is a tool we can use to change our world, and even maybe the rest of the world too.

Let’s make something good happen today!

Why Write with a Group?

  • When you commit to a time and date, it will make sure you show up for yourself.
  • You can trade advice and encouragement with other writers from around the world.
  • When you tell members of your household that you are on a Zoom conference, you will not be disturbed!

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Hope to write with you!