Write it like it matters
Eye of the Tiger

When you sit down to write, do you ever have thoughts like:

One day I’ll write my best story. This is just practice.

It’s not like anyone’s going to read this.

It will never get published anyway.

Of course you’re not going to write well if you have this mindset. This habit of thinking lets you off the hook. You don’t have to put yourself on the line and give it your all if you tell yourself that this isn’t going to be The Story that changes your life.

Write like it matters.

Imagine that your work-in-progress is the one that will launch your writing career. Think about agents and publishers looking at it. Allow yourself the possibility that they will be mesmerized. Visualize your readers’ faces as they turn the pages. How do you want them to feel?

Give yourself space for that dream.

You won’t get anywhere by playing yourself small.

Happy Writing!