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We wake up expecting just another ordinary day.

Most of the time, that is what we get.

How many days do we live and how many days do we singularly remember?

Why does our brain choose to remember some days and not others?

I’ve chronicled my life in journals from the age of sixteen. I just recently read my life from start to finish and I can’t tell you what a mind-bending experience that is.

Writing good books means having a deep understanding about the transformations you and others experience and how events shape us as individuals. Journaling is difficult to keep up with, but it’s worth it.

You meet your old selves and re-experience unique little moments and lessons that you’ve forgotten. You get a different perspective on past events that were too close for you to see before. You laugh, you cry, and you realize just how full your life has been.

All this life is fuel for writing.

We can’t possibly remember every day we lived. All of our ordinary days lump into one default memory. That is why journaling is an amazing practice to keep.

Do you keep a diary or journal?

Happy Writing,