“All too often, it is audacity and not talent that moves an artist to center stage.

Julia Cameron – The Artist’s Way

After running the Writers Mastermind for a year and a half, the biggest problem I see with struggling authors is not that they don’t have talent or that they can’t learn what it takes to be successful. It’s not believing in themselves, not giving themselves a chance to get good, and not thinking they’re worth wild success—thereby not committing fully to their creative life.

If you always put writing last, if you feel like no one takes you seriously, if you are hiding in the shadows watching others achieve the dream that you know in your heart you are capable of and are meant to live, I am in the same position as you.

That is why this year we are going to go through The Artist’s Way process by Julia Cameron. It is a 12 Week path to higher creativity. Many artists, writers, actors, and other creatives credit Julia Cameron’s method to helping them break through to become their fully realized creative selves. I am a huge fan of her work and her mission.

I’ve started The Artist’s Way process several times and never followed through. Obviously, that was my lack of commitment showing again. Also, I was trying to do it alone.

Julia Cameron generously encourages creatives to form peer-run groups for a collective process, so I’m inviting you to join our virtual circle. Going through it with a group will help others empower themselves creatively while ensuring that I don’t flake out!

How to take part?

With today’s jam-packed schedules, a 12-week crash course will be intense. Instead, we will focus on one of the 12 parts each month. That way, we can deeply invest ourselves in the process and enjoy the journey as well.

First, buy the book. I ordered a used copy from Amazon, hoping the mojo of the previous artist who owned the book would add some extra power to it. You can get digital, paperback, and used copies on Amazon. More options are on the book’s website.

If you don’t buy the book, you can still follow along. I will send thoughts and exercises each week (and in the private Facebook group) and we will discuss what we discovered and experienced each week during the Monday Zoom meeting.

You decide your level of participation. If your short on time, just reading and meditating on the weekly thoughts will do you a world of good. If you want to go deeper, then you can complete the exercises in their entirety.

I suggest you give it all you got. Why waste one more year not living to your fullest creative potential?

The Artist’s Way – Online Group

  1. January – Recovering a Sense of Safety
  2. February – Recovering a Sense of Identity
  3. March – Recovering a Sense of Power
  4. April – Recovering a Sense of Integrity
  5. May – Recovering a Sense of Possibility
  6. June – Recovering a Sense of Abundance
  7. July – Recovering a Sense of Connection
  8. August – Recovering a Sense of Strength
  9. September – Recovering a Sense of Compassion
  10. October – Recovering a Sense of Self-Protection
  11. November – Recovering a Sense of Autonomy
  12. December – Recovering a Sens of Faith

Why is it all about “recovering?”

When we are born, we all have the fearless compulsion to create. We don’t think about why, or if anyone likes it, or if it earns money, or if it’s not as good as anyone else’s. Then, as we grow older, people, society, and responsibility stifle our enthusiasm and make our creative selves shrink inward.

In 2022, we recover that boundless, bold, and joyous sense of creativity we possessed as children. I believe once we tap into that, we become limitless and lit with a constant fire that ignites all other areas of our lives.

More to come!

We will start the journey soon. Email me at christa@letsgetpublished.com to join us!

Note: I am not in any way affiliated with Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way, or her publisher, nor to I claim to be any kind of certified practitioner/teacher.

As stated on her website: “Anyone can teach the course or begin a cluster by following the book and the guidelines below. It is my belief that creative recovery at its best is a nonhierarchical, peer-run, collective process.

There are no ‘accredited’ Artist’s Way teachers. Avoid anyone who offers to ‘certify’ you as a teacher– there is no such thing.”