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Do you feel stuck and unsure as a writer? Are you not getting acceptances, not making sales, not writing to your full potential? How can you break through the self-doubt and noise to start carving out your unique space in the world of fiction?

Ross Jeffery is joining us for a Live ZOOM chat this Thursday to talk about his experience.

Ross is the Executive Director of STORGY literary magazine and its Head of Books. He is also the Bram Stoker Award Nominated Author of Tome, Juniper, and Tethered.

It’s hard to believe that Ross had given up on writing for seven years. Yes, 7 years! Now he is exploding in the dark fiction scene, and he is going to join us on Zoom to talk about how to break through as a writer.

What You’ll Learn – How to Break Through as a Writer with Ross Jeffery

  • Why Ross gave up writing for so long and what made him start again
  • What drives his dark, disturbing stories
  • The breakthrough moment in his writing career that got his momentum going
  • How writers can approach other authors for blurbs
  • How writers can position themselves to be nominated for awards
  • Ross’ advice for all those writers who have given up, are thinking of given up, or haven’t even started

Date and Time

Thursday, August 12, 2021

2:00 PM Eastern

7:00 PM London

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Location: on Zoom

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