How to Stay Motivated to Write: Reward Yourself

Creating stories and books are long-term commitments. There is no instant gratification with writing except the initial rush of the first draft.

After that, it’s painstaking work. Writers don’t get a chance to enjoy the fruits of their labor for weeks, months, or years after they begin a story.

That is why it’s important to reward yourself.

It’s easy to get discouraged when we put our hearts into something and don’t know when or if it will pay off. This is when we are in danger of slacking off or giving up entirely.

The best way to avoid this is to set goals and reward yourself when you meet them.

For example, set a word count or a date for the completion of the first draft of a story or novel.

When you reach your goal:

Buy yourself a gift. I run down to the drug store and buy a lipstick, a new pen, or a luxurious bath item.

Allow yourself a treat like your favorite ice cream or pastry from the local bakery.

Take yourself out on an artist date.

Then set a new goal for the rewrite and reward yourself again.

After the final edits, do something really special.

Indulge in a book you’ve been dying to read or a full Netflix binge before preparing for the next project.

Take a little trip or plan a staycation.

Throw a small party with close friends.

Until we writers get noticed, we have to be our own coaches and cheerleaders.

Don’t make yourself into a slave. Instead, treat yourself like the superstar writer you will become.

How do you reward yourself?

Happy Writing!


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