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Much has happened during the past few months. We pray your are all safe and healthy and continue to be careful and resilient.

Luckily, we have only good news to share in this post.

May 2020

The Writers’ Mastermind cut the ribbon on the Founder’s Membership. Thanks to all the founders for making the dream of this online writing community a reality! Founders had exclusive access to the website 2 weeks before the formal launch date and also got locked in at the $9 a month lifetime price.

June 2020

The Writers’ Mastermind opened for Spring Registration with The Ultimate Author Planning Workshop, where we reverse-engineered our path to our dream lives as successful authors. We joined together for our first official mastermind call on Zoom and also started live Zoom write-ins, where writers have since accumulated tens of thousands of newly written words.

July 2020

The Author Platform Mastery workshop went LIVE this month, where members perform a branding, website, and social media audit to make sure their author platforms are tweaked to perfection and attracting new readers.

Writers’ Mastermind Member News

Our members have been accomplishing some incredible things. We invite you to join in and support our authors!

Joseph Sale

Joseph Sale has re-released several of his books, including his Black Gate Series in “omnibus” format (aka box set). I am a devoted fan of this series and I can tell you it that it will be something that will haunt you in the most profound and unexpected ways.

Black Gate: Omnibus (Nekyia Book 3)

For the first time, hold the complete Black Gate trilogy in one volume, including Gods of the Black Gate, Beyond the Black Gate and Return to the Black Gate. Follow the story of Craig Smiley, a merciless killer and servant of seven dark gods, on his quest for escape, revenge, and ultimately: redemption. Smiley’s journey will take him from the high-security prison facilities of Mars, to the wildernesses of Texas and Louisiana, and to fantastical worlds beyond imagination and horror. Described as “Barker-esque”, “Lovecraftian”, and yet “a genre all of its own”, experience this epic series in its entirety like never before.

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Enter the Mindvault

Joseph Sale has also recently set up a Patreon accountwhere he is sharing never-before-seen writing and behind-the-scenes videos every month. The topics he covers are full of useful insights and hacks for every fiction writer. To sign up for your monthly goodies, CLICK HERE.

Ross Jeffery

Ross Jeffery demonstrates his versatility as a writer by following the publication of his weird, post-apocalyptic horror, Juniper, with his intimate, literary novella-in-flash, Tethered.

Tethered Released

Tethered explores the fractured relationship of a father and son. Each story is told with unflinching and honest prose that is both hard hitting and heartrending.

These stories delve into themes of toxic masculinity, love, hope, despair, domestic violence, sexuality, weakness and overcoming oppression.

Tethered also asks the bigger question of ‘do we ever escape the harm our parents do to us; or do we go through life marred and influenced from our upbringing.’

‘‘Ross Jeffery’s flash fiction is immediate, visceral and real. To read his stories is to feel the understanding of a life lived through the eyes of a compassionate man. Always unapologetic, always raw, always true.’

– Adam Lock (Author of Dinosaur)

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Dan Soule

Our resident Master-of-Writing-Resources, Dan Soule, released his new novel, Witchopper! We’ve all been anticipating this book and are celebrating its publication. What do people say about Dan Soule?

‘His stories aren’t just guaranteed to scare you, they’re guaranteed to devastate you.’ – Caitlin Marceau, editor Sanitarium Magazine.


If you see her, then you’re dead…

All Rob wanted to do was fit in at his new school after being torn from London so his parents could fix their marriage. But when Rob’s journalist father dragged him along to investigate the legend of the Witchopper for the local paper, her curse became their reality.

She was priestess to the pagan god of the wild wood, hanged by a rabid mob for her unspeakable crimes. Now, something far worse than the hell of high school is after Rob and his dad…

In the vein of The Wickerman and MidsommarWitchopper is an epic ordeal of a father and son relationship, where past sins echo in the present. Dan Soule delivers another of his terrifying Fright Nights, with a tale of love, lies and truth that will leave you sleeping with the light on. 

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Charlotta Amato

We are thrilled to announce that Charlotta Amato’s short story, Il Ragazzo, will be published by Storgy Literary Magazine on September 21st, 2020. This was her first ever submission and acceptance. Congratulations, Charlotta!!!

Tia Wojciechowski

Tia Wojciechowski’s first novel, Hectrossipy, is on schedule to be published with The Writing Collective later in 2020. She has just released this blurb so you can get a taste for what this twisty, epic, sci-fi is all about!

The alignment of the three moons is a sign of positive changes to come. But the moons never promised that such changes will happen to everybody.

On the pre-industrial planet of Velva Leena, two sisters eagerly anticipate the Hecctrossipy Festival, a yearly tradition that celebrates the victory over a legendary evil monster who had the power to manipulate the elements and use them for chaos.

Artheena is smart, talented, and beautiful. She is also blessed with multiple, special gifts. Mell May, on the other hand, is simple and average adopted sister. Both are in love with Leeandro Paul, a celebrity heartthrob who has an intriguing way of turning the leaders of the land into his followers.

When Artheena has a premonition that she will marry Leeandro Paul during the alignment of the three moons, her quest for true love takes a turn for the weird and crazy. Meanwhile Velva Leena’s conservative social standards are turned backward by an outrageous contest that will threaten the sisters’ close bond.

When the Hecctrossipy Festival begins, the sisters have the time of their lives… Until Leeandro Paul makes a choice that shakes up both their worlds and a twist of fate threatens to tear them apart forever.

Congrats to Tia!

Lawrence Jay Switzer

Lawrence Jay Switzer, author of Sayville Tales, continues to charm us with his wit and commentary with his latest release, Beacon City Confidential.

Beacon City Confidential: Urban Mythology Redux

The star reporter for the Beacon City Beam has a knack for showing up in the right places at the most opportune moments and a newsman’s flair for detecting a droplet of drama in a sea of dross and dregs. Accompany him on his nose-poking adventures, jot by jot, scribble by scribble—from his relentless search for an enigmatic fortune cookie to his visit to the Sociopaths Anonymous® weekly meeting to his bizarre correspondence with a pen-pal who claims to be the Devil. Beacon City Confidential offers a mole’s-eye view of American urban mythology run amok. Petty crimes and deceits, daily dissatisfactions and squabbles, puny triumphs inflated like hot-air balloons. Like our reporter’s notebook, the pages are crowded with events and outcomes, brimming with entertaining villains trying to survive the 21st Century by any means necessary. Less visibly, the real heroes, the joe-schmoes and who’s-thats, threaten to make their own stand, clamoring for their stake in the American dream and a taste of its pie.

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