The most difficult part of selling books as a new writer is getting readers to take a chance on you. If you’re unknown, many buyers may pass your book up for a safer bet – like a bestselling author or one who’s got tons of rave reviews.

Name recognition is a term we don’t hear much, but this tried and true media principal is highly effective. If a reader sees your Amazon page and blurb, they might say, “hmm that looks interesting,” and keep browsing. But if they heard you talk on a podcast or read your interview in a blog or media site they trust, that gives you extra credibility.

Many writers probably wonder how successful authors make their name known. And what about newspaper, radio, or even TV?

Publicity for your book is not rocket science. It’s just plain hard work, but if you want to stand out from the crowd of other writers, you should implement old-fashioned PR into your digital marketing strategy.

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