digital marketing as a writer

Every writer needs to develop a digital platform. Even if you haven’t been published yet, the time to start building a following is yesterday. Growing an audience takes time. Don’t put it off any longer!

To start, you will need:

1. A website with a blog – this is the hub of your platform where you will post your bio, books, news, and contact information. It’s also where you should start blogging on a consistent basis to attract your very own special type of reader.

2. A lead magnet – this is a free download in exchange for an email address. You can offer a short story, an excerpt, or a free book. Share this offer regularly on social media. Create a form or pop-up for visitors to download it from your site.

3. An email list – your lead magnet will grow your email list. Use this list to send an occasional newsletter to your readers. Send them news, personal stories, and more of your writing. Keep them updated on your newest publications.

4. A few select social profiles – As a writer, you do need to be on social media, but don’t spread yourself too thin. Learn how to use a few networks very well. I recommend writers start with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. YouTube and Pinterest are also good spots for writers.

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Do you have any questions about digital marketing as a writer? Please share them.

Happy Writing!