Why write fiction?

Have you ever asked yourself this question and truly answered it?

This is important to define for yourself, the quality of your work. The past few years have been filled with chaos, fear, and upheaval. As things normalize, it’s the perfect time to let the dust settle and get laser-like focus on why you write and how you’re going to get your words into the world.

It’s not easy to be an aspiring writer. Just tell someone you want to become a successful fiction author and their reaction will be something like:

Laughs awkwardly until they realize you’re serious.

Shows concern about your mental health

Says, “Really? Uhhh… Good luck with that.”

It’s the same look adults gave you when you were six years old and you told them you wanted to grow up to be a pegasus.

That’s because writing fiction is a time and energy-intensive pursuit that never guarantees a big material reward.

As a marketing strategist for authors, I see many writers approaching their writing career with a “lottery mindset.” They scribble out a book, feverishly upload it to Amazon, and wait for overnight success.

When they don’t wake up on the bestsellers list, they give up.

This the paradox:

Only by NOT writing for money or fame will you possibly become a successful author because once you begin writing for sales, your words will lose their magic.

You must have a deeper reason than to become wealthy and famous. You need to think about who you’re writing for and how you want them to think and feel after reading your work. Either that, or writing must be so satisfying for you that it is its own reward.

Maybe you write because it’s therapeutic, allowing you to express yourself and make meaning of your experiences. Maybe you want to make people laugh and forget their worries. Maybe you just want to scare the hell out of them.

Whatever the reason, I suggest you create your own writing manifesto that states your big-picture reason for writing. Rewrite it till it’s powerful and succinct. Read it each day before you begin working on your stories. Click here for an example of how powerful a writing manifesto can be.

Not only will a writing manifesto help you on the hard days when nothing is working, keeping your mission in mind will inspire you to produce stories that will impact your readers and the world.

You got this!


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