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Learn how to be your own PR manager.

(Time to complete: 35 minutes)

In this masterclass you will learn public relations skills to take your book releases to the stratosphere.

If you are not ready to do publicity for a book, these PR skills will give you the edge when submitting stories or querying agents.

Part 1: Book Reviews

How to collect interviews from the three main sources of book reviews in addition to your readers, friends, and followers:

  • book bloggers, bookstagrammers, booktubers
  • online/offline review journals and magazines
  • paid review services

Part 2: Interviews, Journalists, Podcasts, & Book Stores

In this lesson, we learn how to find interviews that are worth our time, how to become sources for journalists and bloggers, and how to find podcasts who cater to our potential readers.

We also talk about how to tell if you’re ready for a reading or signing event at a book store and how to collaborate with other local authors for offline events.

Part 3 : The 6-Step Pitch Formula

This is where the work comes in. Now that you’ve built your list of media outlets to pitch, you must make a compelling reason for them to have you. In this lesson, we cover what information you do and do not need in your pitch and how to position yourself so they are excited to show you off.

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