Podcasts for Writers

Hey Writers,

Do you listen to podcasts? How about podcasts about writing?

I love listening to podcasts to learn more about writing and publishing during my downtime. I put them on while I do laundry or wash the dishes. They’re especially useful when I’m in a slump to get me out of my head and motivated again.

Here are 5 podcasts for writers that I recommend. They cover the craft of writing, book marketing, interviews with authors, and more.

  1. Writing Excuses – Their tagline is, “Fifteen minutes long, because you’re in a hurry, and we’re not that smart.” This show covers a variety of topics in segments just long enough to give you something new to think about the next time you approach your writing. They also include a little exercise with each episode.
  2. The Creative Penn – This show is hosted by bestselling fiction author and non-fiction writer for authors, Joanna Penn. It is packed with information about creativity, technology, marketing, and tons of amazing resources. She also features guest interviews. This podcast is a must-listen!
  3. Grammar Girl – Bite-sized episodes on all the boggling quirks of the English language. If you have a low-tolerance for grammar, this is a great way to improve your writing without forcing yourself into long, complicated lessons.
  4. The Story Grid Podcast – This is all about story structure. “Listen along as Shawn Coyne teaches the Story Grid methodology. With over 120 episodes and a constant top 100 Literature podcast on iTunes, the Story Grid Podcast has become a favorite among writers who want to become better story tellers.”
  5. Mark Dawson’s Self-Publishing Formula – The master of book marketing shares his formula to develop a huge readership that will buy every book you publish. He also unravels the mysteries of advertising books on Amazon and Facebook.

The more you learn about writing and publishing, the better prepared and more confident you’ll be when pursuing your goal of becoming a successful fiction author. Podcasts are the best way to absorb information on the go.

What are your favorite podcasts for writers?